Migrating to the Homeland of Rainbow

On the stone pillars, the beautiful totem patterns of traditional Tayal weavings have been engraved to present the aboriginal tribe’s praises of life and nature. The number “12” (of the pillars) also symbolizes the cycles of time and the grand cosmic perspective that is perpetually cyclic with inexhaustible life. After the sun sets each day, the illuminated pool exudes a faint glow that resembles the eyes of the Ancestral Soul watching over the land. The reflected light off the rippling waters brings the totems on the pillars to life as the sun and the moon shine upon the metallic ring atop the pillars, which become subtly illuminated.

Due to the positioning of the stone pillars, the center of the pillars is akin to a special field that seems to radiate energy. In addition, rainbows will also form naturally over the stone pillars when specific conditions have been met. The school of golden fish moves in groups and gathers occasionally, forming a point of convergence with the eddying water.

On the circular stone tablet, the ancestral teaching of the Tayal “laxi ta pgiway bhoyaw ta mqyanux” (We shall not make enemies but co-exist peacefully on this land) has been engraved to serve as a reminder that the development of civilization ought to observe the law of balance to achieve a harmonious co-existence with the natural environment. Incidentally, it is also the guiding principle and philosophy that the new generation of the Taiwan Power Company employees ought to cultivate during their training at the facility.
Tpc Training Institute / New Taipei City, Taiwan / 2012