Garden of Melody

In “Garden of Melody”, the character symbols represent the solfege syllables of different notes creating a romantic flow on the musical scale into enticing music,
just like flowers in full bloom, brimming with fragrance and melody.

At the entrance of the concert hall, seven pillars with identical exterior designs and varying fretworks have been erected, creating a visual effect that is akin to the rising notes on a musical scale; the soft metallic plates have been processed to form the solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si) of different pitches.

Viewing the work through the hollowed-out spaces in the pillars, the soft and romantic qualities of the work and the traits of rationality and order that are commonly associated with architecture cross over seamlessly into a staff that dazzles with changing lights. The pillars and the brass gong (a traditional musical instrument of Taiwan) erected at the open square make a perfect pair in a dialog of music by offering an interesting visual presentation to the viewers while creating a direct relationship of musical interaction.
Pingtung Performing Arts Center / Pintung, Taiwan / 2012​