Transmission to the Universe

The universe encompasses space and time. In a broader sense, mankind’s existence lies within space and time in this universe. The universe has existed for eons and is ever-changing; however, from time immemorial, mankind has never ceased adoration and exploration of the universe.

Ancient Chinese astronomers invented ingenious devices such as the armillary sphere and sighting tube. They even constructed astronomical observatories just to get a glimpse of the celestial lands so far away from Earth. Western astronomy and astrology are two disciplines that have always been closely related. Western scholars have sought to explore the relationship between celestial bodies and mankind with rational thinking. Plato even claimed that the concept of philosophy originated from astronomy.

Mankind has embarked on an endless search just to be that much closer to the universe. And as such, this project has taken off from the imaginations of artists, infusing the artist’s perspective of the universe to give birth to three stainless steel structures that rotate to the passing wind. The three structures will always be oriented towards the vast universe, regardless of time or wind directions just like the antenna of radars used to receive transmissions silently from the sky.
Astronomical Education Area / Tainan, Taiwan / 2011