The Loop

The Chinese character “回” resembles the shape of a loop. Just like clouds and mist, the loop emphasizes the very moment of take-off and landing of aircrafts. It marks the beginning and perfect conclusion of motion.
The work utilizes the pictorial qualities of the Chinese character in its design. The work is constructed from the same cast aluminum alloy materials used for aircraft in order to tie in with the element of aviation. The circular loop is a simulation of Earth’s longitude at 360°, where the starting point would also be the destination. The work is essentially a line arranged in a loop with an intersecting point, symbolizing the very essence of embarking and returning from a journey. As one moves from inward to outward along the line and traverses in the opposite direction, the direction of opposing movement reveals the ultimate contemplation of the meaning of “travel” as it forms a perfect circle, representing a heartfelt blessing for the countless travelers flying in the skies.

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Terminal 2, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport / Taoyuan, Taiwan / 2011