The Rhythm of Nature ∙ The Beat of Civilization

Speedy world, slow life. Why do humans chase after speed? Speed should be extreme, and slowness complete. This is what life in the 21st century is about. In life, we need this sort of balance to create a world of boundless beauty. The tiniest computer chip, with only some atoms of silicon, opens up the limitless cyber world. Computing capabilities double every three years, and AI robots are entering the home. Willingly or not, we are boarding a high-tech spaceship that runs on hyperspace, roaring into a black hole of mystery. Big or small, fast or slow, explosive or stable, an instant or eternity, all the profundities of the universe can be glimpsed in a nanometer of space. The only question that remains is whether as a result of all this technology, we are embracing heaven or facing destruction. Are there any other answers out there besides 0 and 1? As human beings overcome or ignore endless difficulties, we are like a circus clown on a unicycle balancing over 200 dishes on his head. As the audience waits for him to fall and make a fool of himself, in this pessimistic atmosphere, slowing down might be the only way to redemption. We need to look for a rhythm that’s suitable for human beings.
TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall / Taipei, Taiwan / 2007