Time Weave 12.9

Going through a beautiful tunnel of culture, time, and space The Hsuehshan Tunnel is 12.9 km in length, the longest highway tunnel in all of Southeast Asia. In order to beautify the dim, gray space within the tunnel and remind drivers of the “mental position” they are in while in the tunnel, with soft, artistic patterns, the team set up a pattern and number on either side of the tunnel at every one kilometer interval for positioning, composing the design theme, Time Weave 12.9. Constructing a tunnel through excavation, chiseling through requires the same amount of caution and attention to detail as one applies while weaving fabric. Thus, 12 aboriginal clothing patterns are used on the tunnel surface bound towards Yilan and 12 Han Chinese clothing patterns are used on the tunnel surface bound towards Taipei. Not only does this symbolize the merging of different ethnic groups, but the brilliant colors of these patterns are also like exquisite tapestries greeting honored guests as they drive along this tunnel. On the other wall, contrasting traditional icons are large digital light boxes that identify the kilometer mark, representing modern technology. Not only does this add an element of interest, it also hints at the technological advancements utilized by the tunnel project, so that drivers immerse themselves in a medley of culture and technology as they pass through this tunnel.
Hsuehshan Tunnel / Taiwan / 2007