Skin Graft with Love

The piece is an interpretation of the selfless spirit of Doctor David Landsborough and his wife through the clever use of natural lighting. The ray of light created as sunlight passes through a break in the rock face suggests the hope of rebirth. A raised cross with rounded corners is carved into the left side of the curved space within the break. 

On the right side, eight sentences of the gospel are carved Matthew 5:3-12., pointing to the Christ-like dedication of the story of Mr. and Mrs. Landsborough. The skin-like texture of the side of the piece resembles a sprouting plant, representing Mrs. Landsborough’s devotion with the skin graft that demonstrates love. Photos and quotes from Doctor Landsborough are embedded into the eight rocks surrounding the piece to create a blessed space where one may find the peace and tranquility of the soul. 
Memorial for missionary surgeon David Landsborough​ / Changhua, Taiwan / 2011