Secret Voices from the Ocean: Sea Pearls, Listening Point

Living in the ocean, clams grow into beautiful forms through continual accumulation. Sometimes a clam may heal a wound or coexist with a foreign object by coating it in order to form dazzlingly beautiful pearls within its body. This is similar to how Kaohsiung has integrated an array of residential cultures throughout the passage of time, as well as the urban appearances, which historical rulers have planned and accumulated over time. Nowadays, it exhibits the spirit of a unique harbor city: a combination of ruggedness, quality, vitality, and gentleness.

Sea Pearls neighbors the Shell Museum in Cijin, Kaohsiung and faces the ocean. Its steady, elegant organic form and exquisite artisanship and materials echo this harbor city’s traits. In addition to highlighting industrial characteristics, emphasis is also placed on cultural sights and ecological concern.

Standing under the golden embrace of Sea Pearls, basking in the sea breeze and warm rays of the sun, one is surrounded by all the intricate noises of the sea in the vivid ocean space within. People on either side of this space can also converse with one another through a sound tube, inadvertently breaking the confines of space so that one’s senses and imagination can observe even the most meticulous details and soar towards a deeper understanding of the living need to coexist with nature.
Port of Kaohsiung ​/ Kaohsiung, Taiwan / 2008​