Run, Wake Up, Hang On

The fable of the race between the tortoise and the hare, set against the backdrop of Xinzhuang Stadium, is about to take place…

“The Running!” by artist Lo Chia-Hui comprises “Wake Up”, “Hang On”, and “Run” installed in the park, depicting rabbits awakening from deep sleep to interact with people, continuing training independently and persistently. These rabbits will tell the tale of the tortoise and the hare from a lively new stance. With their natural advantages, the rabbits are no longer arrogant and proud. Instead, they have humble hearts as they goad themselves into focusing solely on their goal.
In “Run” installed by the tracks, the three rabbits cheer runners from the sidelines, while viewers can train the rabbits by activating the interactive device, leading them to run full speed ahead without pause.
The “Wake Up” installation consists of a rounded white rabbit made of marble. While the rabbit may look lazy, it is waiting for people to touch and awaken it.
In “Hang On” (installed beside “Runner” by artist Pete Beeman), the rabbit is in an interesting position. It appears to cheer a sweating cyclist by pushing him from behind, which implies incessant persistence however difficult the self-training.
A new fable unfolds with these rabbits’ lively and vibrating stance, and their persistence and hard work lead to a different ending! Thus, regardless of the kind of sport, the most important part is not winning or losing, but the enhanced state of body, mind, spirit, and health through persistence in the process!

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Xinzhuang Sports Center / New Taipei City, Taiwan / 2013