Like a hump bulging from the earth, an energy field of clay, and the concept of an embryo, Clay Body is an attempt to create a space of serenity and seclusion. When people walk into the bottom layer of Clay Body, they will enter a field of purity blessed by the holy spirits. Inside of this space, you will feel that the noises are distanced from yourself and serenity immerses your body and mind in the time and space. It is a time when a life is conceived in the womb of the mother, and the zodiac under your feet represent the beginning of life in the universe. Light beams pour in from the small windows surrounding the space and move slowly along the movement of the sun to mark a track of time. Up along the spiral staircase, the visual space is led to gradual changes of brightness, representing the movement from the “inner world” to the “outside world”. This experience presents life spinning out in a spiral motion from the mother earth. Upon light, the universe enters the world of mankind. This is a space to experience, and when you are at the summit, you will feel the joy of being born again.
Sanying Heart Space Arts District ​/ New Taipei City, Taiwan / 2009