Play Burrow

The Chinese character “洞” (dong) means “burrow”, and sounds similar to “動” (dong), which means “movement and activity”. Children may engage in experiential learning while exploring the burrow.

The Play Burrow set includes a schoolteacher rabbit near the school gate, the small burrowed hill within the school campus, and five baby rabbits scattered around the school grounds. The schoolteacher rabbit marks the beginning of a wonderful story, and the children’s memories are enlivened by the appearance of the baby rabbits. Children can embark upon an imaginary, fun-filled journey, and the small burrowed hill that teacher rabbit built as a secret base will continue to inspire ever more exciting stories. This landscape work of art is closely intertwined and connected to its surroundings, and offers not just an area to play and relax, but also a small garden patch where students can learn to plant vegetables, fruits, shrubs and trees. The garden patch serves to educate children on plants and nature, and under the care of the teachers and students, the plants will grow and mature over time, and gradually change the school’s landscape.

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Tammei Elementary School / Taipei, Taiwan / 2018