Filming Dreams of Hometown

The coming of summer has urged Kassod trees to blossom but where have our yellow butterfly companions gone?

Dancing gracefully along the murmuring stream, two butterflies fall into the material world of humans in a fluttering of flies. After a sleepless night, we resolutely started off for a journey away from home with a suitcase in your hand and an opened oil-paper umbrella in mine. The long glance back eventually turned blurred while the tawny dog’s barking also became muffled.

The still-irritating dazzle of spotlights plus rolling movie cameras and disorderly footfalls have added hustle and bustle to the night. Chapter by chapter, stories are delineated into strips of films through dark lenses.

Frame by frame, laughter, and tears are recorded as scenes of life events. Occupying an empty seat, the tired tawny dog has stopped running. In graceful rest, it gazed intently at the far side of the big screen.

The long journey brings to mind my hometown while stopping on the way for rest reminds me of the time passage.

It turns out that nothing has changed. We are still the pair of happy-go-lucky yellow butterflies.
Meinong / Kaohsiung, Taiwan / 2018