Flying with Bean-Pod UFO!

Beans from “Jack and the Beanstalk” grows into an enormous beanstalk reaching up into outer space, and the bean pod is made into a Bean-pod UFO by extraterrestrials. The Bean-pod UFO returns to Earth and lands on a lawn in the National Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan. The drowsy Bean-pod UFO opens its lid to expose three beans floating inside its cabin, with a wide-open mouth welcoming earthmen to play inside.
Based in Yilan renowned for rice production, the work is made with rice straws rolled into ropes and intertwined over a steel structure. Three illuminating beans are hung in the cabin while three pairs of glittering antennas are installed outside.
As night falls, the Bean-pod UFO sparkles attractively beneath the starry sky as if communicating with someone in outer space. Sitting inside the swaying cabin, visitors may enjoy the soothing and heartily pleasure of wandering freely in the sky.
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National Center for Traditional Arts / Yilan, Taiwan / 2021