Along the Way, the Golden Beauty of Mambo

Near the ceiling of the station hall, “Along the Way, the Golden Beauty of Mambo” by artist Lin Shuen-Long depicts an old steam locomotive with puffed-out smoke curling up in the air and a long train of railroad cars passing through the ancient city of Fengshan in the distance, rushing afar towards Kaohsiung Metropolis. The locomotive, with a modern electric train connected in the front allows imagination to go back and forth between clouds of intermingled time and space, while the fluttering phoenix overturns the perspective space and precedence of time. Oh, Travelers! The goddess of art invites you to come aboard the TRA train, roam in the piece of land with golden glow scattered, and enjoy a journey of blessings!

At the center of the station hall, the pillar-shaped “Fongshan Star Rain” by artist Cindy Ng Sio Ieng is an inn for cosmic travelers. Travelers of all forms, like meteors in the universe, shower across the Milky Way. The artist depicts the spectrum of the universe, realizing the imagination of universe and the beach of Kaohsiung through her colors. As stellar clusters intersect in the universe, travelers pass by, and encounter in stations.

“Sky Dance” by Kiyofumi Shiba is composed of two unfolding gorgeous colorful wings, like a phoenix which flutters in the rising sun and stands still on branches amidst moonlight. This is a place for travelers to stop for rest and a road leading them back home.

Fengshan Railway Station / Kaohsiung, Taiwan / 2020