Water City Taipei

In “Water City Taipei” by Wu Geng-Zhen, the dialogue between the old and modern days, symbols showing the past and the future add to other’s splendor on both sides of the glass.
The olden day is presented by the old natural landscapes of Taipei Basin where rivers and canals ran along. With the flowing river image and the location of this installation artwork, “Water City Taipei” corresponds to the flowing crowds. The abstract flowing routes are like puddles of water and contours in the map.
The modern day is represented by paper cutting works each expressing an individual image and meaning linked up into a story cycle by the artist for the natural plants, street scenes, and fantasy plants to meet with one another in future timespace, in order to form a thriving view leaving endless space of imagination for viewers.

Daan Park metro station- Tamsui–Xinyi Line / Taipei, Taiwan / 2012