Spring Light Appears

In “Spring Light Appears”, the rains and sunshine of spring nourish and warm nature and bring vitality to the Earth. When the breeze blows gently on a spring morning, the blue glass mosaic circles on the ground form an impromptu collage of ripples from the dew. On the surface of the bronze relief, lotus leaves are floating upon the pond. The artist and students have joined together to make a pictorial map in which images and the veins of leaves intertwine, representing the unique scenery of five different areas of Taipei. When the sunlight falls on the artwork, a warm golden luster mixes with the shimmering blue of the glass mosaic, in a leisurely appearance of spring light.
The cast aluminum frog lifts its head in song, embracing nature, standing atop an aluminum can, symbolizing the transformation of processed beverages into pure spring water and cleansing the human spirit through art. The bronze frogs lying by the pond enjoy the moving symphony of nature. This family of frogs symbolically serves to remind the people of Taipei to occasionally slow down in the midst of their busy day to enjoy life and nature.
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Daan Park metro station- Tamsui–Xinyi Line / Taipei, Taiwan / 2013  ​