Splendid Scenery Along the Path

The rainbow route arbor constructed from the concept of a map of Zhutian Township is vine-like and encompasses 15 villages, the No.2 Southern National Highway, railway, farm paths, etc. All these elements come from the locality of Zhutian Township and fully represent the slow living agricultural lifestyle of Zhutian Township.

The colorful pipes form an adorable, friendly map of Zhutian Township. It combines the imagery of local specialties, tourist sites, natural sights, bridges, routes, animals, and plants to form a space as welcoming and pleasing to the eye as a fairy tale. Both pedestrians and cyclists may pass joyfully under this rainbow corridor, enjoying the most of their tour through Zhutian bikeway with each step.
Pingtung Zhutian Cycling Path  / Pintung, Taiwan / 2011