Roaming in Geometry

Humanity gives rise to technology, while intelligence is what it takes for human beings to develop various technologies for survival by constantly imitating and modeling after Mother Nature, specifically the revolving heavenly bodies in the universe. Pyramids are among the most mysterious constructions in human history. Their triangular and square elements as well as the circular forms of celestial bodies are deployed in “Roaming in Geometry” for a symbolic personification of abstract geometry, roaming through the passages leading into and out of the building.

The work allows people to perceive the romanticism and creativity of life in the rigid technology domain. A dynamic and absolute equilateral triangular space is constructed in the center, involving mutual streaming as well as energized flows, whereas simple black lines are conceived in a way to attempt at a visualization of basic abstract mathematical thinking.

As the earth the earth revolves around the sun and on its own axis, the sun shines from different angles on the stainless-steel tubes as if their structure were a sundial. The visualization of solar terms guides the viewers to perceive the mystery of heavenly bodies and the wonder of the Nature. On the wall are three painted sundial lines, one for summer solstice, one for winter solstice, and one shared by spring equinox and autumn equinox.

A triangle escapes and roams in the expansive universe, with two sides extending upward at 51°50’40”, the angle of slant for each face of the Khufu pyramid, and intersecting off the architectural framework. Misty clouds in irregular forms are sprayed off the steady triangle and gradually dissipate in the wind. When night falls, with specific lighting, the two slanted legs delineate the contour of an implicit pyramid in the center in corresponding to the triangle above. Numbers related to the Khufu pyramid structure are inscribed below the immense wall for a comparison with the scale of the actual triangle, showing the precision achieved by humans.

For the square part, a horizontal line near the bottom of the wall is as firm and steady as the Earth God. Through the break at the line’s center, a square symbolizing the earth unfolds upwards. The square hung in the middle of the large wall is initially rectangular. With the regularly sprayed mist around it its form is gradually altered and wafts into the air. During the evening, a fascinating ambience is created through water mist and background lighting. The coordinates, orientation, and lengths of the base of the pyramid are etched on steel plates attached to the wall, numerically conveying the solid foundation constructed with human efforts.

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Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park / Taichung, Taiwan / 2020