Riding the Wind and Waves in All the Oceans and Seas for Victorious Voyages

With Navy Emblem in the middle, the design puts Marine Corps Emblem on the left and Naval Fleet Emblem in the right, while the naval emblem is centered on the wall, riding the wind and waves and radiating energy outwards. Comprising numerous small naval emblems, the overwhelmingly mighty golden naval emblem in the center, together with its spectacular reflection by the glossy stainless-steel disk, becomes gloriously radiant, vertically suspended in the moonlight, encircled by a series of golden rings of billowing power, rolling out gradually.

>Just like clear and crystalline water waves rippling in the ocean, the parallel golden lines emit from the sun and moon to the sides. The wall, entirely in white, symbolizes a set of well-pressed naval uniforms. As night falls, a slight radiance of luminous clouds can be seen around the three majestic emblem reliefs, creating a romantic artistic scene and highlighting the solemnity and solidity of the Navy.
Navy Command Headquarters / Taipei, Taiwan / 2018​