Love and Peace Bird

The series by artist Lo Chi-Hui is set against the backdrop of the Battle of Tamsui during the Sino-French War in 1884. 

At the Cheng’s Old Residence
The Cheng’s Old Residence is among the first historical monuments designated by the New Taipei City government and the only remaining traditional residence of the Qing Dynasty in Danhai New Town. Visitors may take Danhai Light Rail Transit, alight at Binhai Shalun Station, and walk about 500 meters to arrive at the residence, which is one of the historical sites of French Route in the Cultural Guided Tour Event. “Love and Peace Bird” stops over on the grass in front of the residence. The red-brick stand echoes red bricks of the ancient house, and the installation conveys an air of love and peace, creating an imagery for strolling visitors to learn about historical events.

At the Former Site of the Sea Mine Camp
During the Sino-French War, the landing French army attempted to seize the Sea Mine Camp and invade straightforwardly. With the historical event getting further and further away, doves of love and peace stands on the sculpture and pattern that symbolize naval mines, looking at the peaceful sea quietly.

At the Former Location of Wadianbi 
The historical site of Wadian Water Reservoir was where General Sun Kaihua led his soldiers to fight against French invaders during the Battle of Tamsui. Nico Lo’s artwork here consists of a Qing Dynasty helmet on top of a 190 cm steel pipe, implying the General who was said to be a tall man. Rifles used in the battle are transformed into patterns in red, blue and white symbolizing liberty and peace, creating an imagery with doves of love and peace standing by a creek in the current time and space.

At the Former Site of Fort Blanc, Blockade
Overlooking the narrowest part of the estuary of Tamsui River, Fort Blanc was built to defend enemy warships. With naval mines deployed to block the river, soldiers who stationed in the Fort during the Battle of Tamsui were responsible for closely watching over the blockade and detonating the mines when necessary. With the blockade depicted as steel pipes in yellow with different heights, the fort is transformed into a pattern in red, blue and white symbolizing liberty, peace and fraternity, while the two doves of love and peace, each looking at historical traces and swaying with sea breeze, are not for blockade now but for creating new imprints of peace

Various locations / Tamsui, Taiwan / 2020