Kandelia Skies

The Kandelia drops lightly and lands standing in the sand, with the large ring and leaf on top circling with the wind. The lower ring circles as viewers spin the ball underneath, symbolizing the track of history within the small town, the circle of life, and the movement of time. The bottom part of steel depicts the scenes of the old streets of Tamsui, surrounding illustrations created with children. White glass mosaics shape the fluidness of flowing water, similar to the mangrove forest, which not only supplies nutrition to the kandelias, but also to the biodiversity of the surrounding environment.

The steam train enters into the plaza, Kandelia Skies seems to become a poetic Tamsui scenery of the traveler’s eyes. The care and the love for the land expressed through the work connects and appeals to local residents and tourists alike.
Tamsui District Office / New Taipei City, Taiwan / 2015