A Transit Point in Time and Space

Shalun Station is a station that links the Taiwan Railway System to the High-speed Rail. As such, it is a transition point between technology and tradition. Time and space flow freely like a stream of water, in and out the space and time. In the chance encounters between people, countless thrilling journeys begin.

The sight of endangered Black-faced Spoonbills playing in the water and soaring in the sky is invaluable to Tainan residents. This is depicted in the Song of the Black-faced Spoonbill, written by Taiwanese poet Bai Ling: “Spoonbill! Spoonbill! Flutter across the icy sky and snow-covered earth to Zengwun River. You’re a guest I always welcome. I want to treat you to a feast of fish and shrimp.”
Shalun Railway Station  ​/ Tainan, Taiwan / 2009​